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At CSL we have a comprehensive range of conveyor technologies and provide turnkey automated materials handling systems. The project process includes design, installation and commissioning and incorporates integrated controls and software design. We fully project manage the conveyor installation and co-ordinate with our mechanical and electrical conveyor installation teams to satisfy the customers overall project plan.

CSL offer high quality conveyors which can interface/integrate with other OEM machinery such as label applicators, palletisers, wrappers etc. The conveyors are installed with a state of the art PLC/Computer based systems to integrate the operation whilst providing data for traceability/logistics etc.

If you are handling small items, trays, cartons, totes or pallets - CSL can provide an effective conveyor solution for you. 


Product Overview

Roller Conveyors – The majority of CSL conveyor systems include at least one form of roller conveyor.  The most common types being lineshaft powered roller conveyor or ZLP Zero line pressure motorised roller (24v dc) conveyor.  Other commonly used roller conveyors are belt under roller conveyor and gravity powered roller conveyor. Roller conveyors are suitable for handling flat based uniform products such as totes, cartons, cases etc. More info


Belt Conveyors – CSL systems also often include belt conveyors, they can be used to transit most product types horizontally, up an incline or down a decline. They are also used to create product gaps (metering belt conveyors) and to form an up and over underpass, creating access points within a system.  They are ideal for handling small packages, jiffy bags, poly bags, cartons, totes & sacks  etc. More info


Spiral Conveyors – Part of CSL’s premium interfloor conveyor range, the small footprint and versatility make the spiral a popular choice with over 110 sold in the UK to date. Reversible as standard and tailored to suit most applications / spaces.  Suitable for handling totes, cases, cartons, bags etc. More info


Pallet Conveyors – Available in two designs – either powered roller driven or chain drive conveyor depending on the type of pallet/stillage/cage etc to be conveyed. Can be used with lifting systems, turntables and even sortation, the pallet range will reduce health and safety risks while also saving money and time. More info


Standard Sortation – CSL’s standard sortation range includes chain transfers, belt transfers, switch sorters, pneumatic pushers etc. Automated sortation reduces manual handling and the risk of human error. Suitable for handling totes, cartons, cases etc. Rates up to 20 – 40/minute. More info


Ecommerce Sortation - A more advanced version of the standard sortation range these systems can handle a wider range of products at much higher speeds. The range includes Intralox ARB/DARB sorters and Interroll’s crossbelt sorter. Sortation rates up to 20, 000 items per hour. More info


Order Picking systems – CSL order picking systems are rapidly increasing in popularity with the constant need to reduce picking times on fast moving products.  The systems are bespoke and can be tailored for the product type. Rather than operatives walking around the warehouse faster moving products are all positioned within arms reach, conveyors are used to transit part or completed orders to the next station. More info


Vertical Elevators – An alternative to spirals or incline/decline belts. The elevators range from a basic up and down platform elevator for either totes/cases or pallets through to the continuous style elevator for totes/cases which can service multiple floors. More info