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AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot)

A relatively new development seen in warehouse/fulfillment centres / Factories  globally are AMR’s (Autonomous Mobile Robots).

A clever synergy between hardware and software the AMR can carry out both simple and complex movements of products reducing time consuming and costly operator movements.   

The smart warehouse will have pick stations where an operator receives the required items courtesy of the AMR. When the pick is required one of the team of AMR’s will move to the rack location and drive beneath, the robot will then pick up the whole rack and bring it to the correct operator(s). When the item is picked the robot will return the rack, this is called ‘goods to person’ picking.

The robot and its control software will monitor the AMR’s usage and will ensure it returns to a vacant charging dock before running out of battery, a fully charged AMR will then take its place.

  • Angle and placement accuracy - Using sophisticated inertia and visual sensors for extreme positioning accuracy
  • Swift and smooth movement - dual-wheel differential drive to smoothly move your goods at exceptional speed
  • 360deg Employee safety - Works safely alongside manual workers using laser, ultrasonic, and infrared obstacle avoidance
  • Fully flexible AMR infrastructure - AMR independence means no tracks, rails, or other fixed infrastructure
  • Smart fast charging -  Uses burst charge sessions and power monitoring to minimise extended recharge cycles
  • Multi-Sector Application - Ideal for eCommerce, 3PL, and any other number of warehouse and manufacturing situations

 Q3 Robot  

A quick and compact robot that provides fast fulfillment for your warehouse.

  • Lightest 600kg capable AMR on the Market
  • 2 m/s maximum running speed
  • 8 year lifespan
  • Bi directional
  • Only AMR in the UK Market with non volatile LiFePO4 batteries

Q7 Robot 

 A robust warehouse AMR enabling fast fulfillment for heavier items

  • 1000kg payload capable
  • Perfect for pallets or heavy bulky goods
  • 8 year lifespan
  • Bi directional
  • Non volatile LiFePO4 batteries

F4 Robotic Forklift 

A powerful and precise robot delivering fast and accurate automated forklift operation

  • 1000kg payload capable
  • 1.8m lift height

  • Full SLAM navigation

  • TOF Camera, Video Recording Camera

  • Blue Light for safety

  • Works with other AMRs

  • Automatic charging

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