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Belt Conveyors - Horizontal - Inclined - Bends

CSL can provide a wide range of belt conveyors designs to accommodate a variety of industries and products.  Ranging from conveyors in stainless steel for food / pharmaceutical to mild painted steel for manufacturing or warehouse environments.

Whether it is a high speed metering / gapping belt conveyor for an E-Commerce application or slower operating transit conveyor, our range will cover it all.   Small to large, lightweight to heavy loads, the CSL sales team will be able to guide you through the right specification for your application.

  • Incline/decline/horizontal/metering-gapping
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for poly bags, packets , totes/cartons and irregular items 
  • Indexing / buffering functionality
  • Various belt types/faces available


Our belt conveyors range

CSL utilise our full range of belt conveyors within our solutions dependant upon the application and operational requirement.

Our drives can be small end driven drum drives for smaller products ensuring positive transfer from conveyor to conveyor, or centre drive geared motor with braked motors for heavier loads on an incline/decline. 

Belts are a cost effective way of changing product elevation while remining linear and compact, CSL systems can also incorporate belt bends, metering belts, swan necks, luffing belts etc. 

Conveyor belt types are specified depending on the environment, product and purpose and can include grip surface, modular plastic, smooth, zoned etc.