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Pick a colour – any colour!

28 May 2021

CSL can provide you with not only the most compact spiral elevator/lowerator on the market, using the  AmbaFlex Spiral solution  but in almost any colour you want. Why not match your corporate...

The Tote bin - the unsung hero in logistics and supply chain!

15 March 2021

SUITABILITY OF TOTE BIN CONTAINERS ON A CONVEYOR SYSTEM Many conveyor system suppliers believe that plastic tote bins are the "perfect" container for conveying products. There are many benefi...

Outline of a Conveyor System Inspection

25 February 2021

Based on the size, complexity and usage of the system , inspection visits at equal intervals can vary on a year-by-year basis as the conveyor system ages. The first visit would generally be within 3 months from acceptance of the agreement or a number of months from...

Automating your warehouse

03 February 2021

With the challenges we all faced in 2020 and the likelihood similar conditions will prevail well into this year, we can use these recent experiences with a view to shaping our future ...

What is a Conveyor System?

06 January 2021

  HOW DO CONVEYOR SYSTEMS WORK? Conveyor belts or rollers are pulled along by an electric motor/gearbox generally mou...

Black Friday and Peak Prep

26 November 2020

With Black Friday upon us or in some cases spread out throughout the week/month, now is the time the spotlight will shine on a lot of warehouses in terms of the their logistics, efficiencies and ope...

How Do Conveyor Belts Work?

04 November 2020

Although there are obvious visual differences, the phrase ‘conveyor belt’ is often used as a generic term for all conveyor types but all are integral parts of many conveyor systems. Conveyor Belts w...

Automated order picking – the answer for efficient socially distant picking

02 November 2020

Picking from ergonomically designed carton live storage racking offers a solution for fast and efficient order picking of fast moving and date sensitive products, utilising FIFO storage princi...

Spiral Elevator Options

19 October 2020

Spiral Elevators come in a multitude of designs and sizes to fit specific applications with a wide variety of options available. The main column diameter on a Spiral Elevator can vary depending upon the height and weights being carried (up to 50kg/m) and t...

How has the conveyor sector been performing in the current climate? What do you see as the most important recent developments?

13 October 2020

We are aware that this has been a difficult time for industry in general and particularly for companies who are involved in projects involving capital expenditure. However, industry still has to be proactive and look to automation to achieve increased productivity and savings. By reducing manual handling and with the introduction of...

Advantages of vehicle loading conveyor systems

05 October 2020

CSL offer a wide selection of gravity and powered conveyors to load & unload vehicles and containers. These units allow for a simple operation to load or unload your vehicles making a perfect solution for use with 20ft and 40ft containers or...

3 Reasons conveyors Improve warehouse/factory safety

03 October 2020

Workforce safety in the workplace is of paramount importance and conveyors improve safety whilst increasing throughputs and operational efficiency.

Conveyor Systems ARE a good investment

01 October 2020

A conveyor system can become both an essential and integral part of any warehouse or production environment where products of varying types are moved around. One of the key factors of their success is that they invariably save time and money by personnel not having to take the time to transport the products, packages etc themse...

Automation Solutions from CSL

18 September 2020

Maximising your warehouse efficiency

Roller Conveyor vs Belt Conveyor

15 September 2020

Although there are obvious visual differences between these, the phrase ‘conveyor belt’ is often used as a generic term for all conveyor types but both are integral parts of many conveyor systems. CSL have installed a mix of both belt and roller conveyors in many different facilities including factories and wareh...

Spiral v Lift v Incline Belt suitability

14 September 2020

With many different options available on moving products between floors we have put together this guide to help understand the different technologies.


01 September 2020

The term roller conveyor literally refers to a series of rollers contained within a frame, designed to the required length, width and height and avoids the need for personnel to manually pick up heavy loads or lighter loads continuously over a shift, avoiding the risk of any sort of injury.

Time for your conveyor to get some TLC?

11 June 2020

With many years in the materials handling / conveyor industry, CSL fully understand the benefits of regular service/maintenance of your equipment. The consequences of breakdowns as a result of infrequent servicing and lack of onsite spares tends to lead to longer down time and major disruption.

CSL Installations Continue

02 June 2020

CSL continued installations are ramping up at various sites carrying out essential installations, service and repairs.   One of the installations consisted of a Qimarox MK1 to move totes and cartons between a manufacturing ar...

Considering adding automation to your warehouse or factory?

27 May 2020

  Conveyors and automated materials handling solutions offer a lot of benefits to warehouses and factories, in many cases the ROI is less than 12 months. Th...

Keeping the UK's warehouses and factories going

23 March 2020

During these unprecedented times CSL understand that many warehouses and factories in the UK are key in the ongoing supply into Supermarkets, pharmacies and to people isolated in their homes. Our s...

The office Puppy!

09 March 2020

  Sally the CSL office puppy has been helping one of our engineers get the demonstration conveyor ready for some customer product trials next week. Although she is currently refusing to wear the CSL bump hat!!

IntraLogisteX - Interview with Jim Farquhar

04 March 2020

A recent interview with our Sales Director Jim Farquhar conducted for the IntraLogisteX Exhibition. With just less than a month until IntraLogiste...

Planning for Peak Seasons

27 February 2020

  Although the dust has only just settled from the last peak season now is the time to consider the next one! Automation solutions designed for your warehouse will ensure that b...

Moving pallets between floors

12 February 2020

Looking to move pallets between floors?

Automated Order Picking improves efficiency

04 February 2020

Integrating your WMS with our WCS software enhances the picking operation, which will see immediate benefits and significant improvements in efficiency and pick rates per hour. This is ideal for order picking faster moving products and be can used as part of a transit conveyor and even carrier sortation. The assigned carton ...

CSL make designs become reality

30 January 2020

After a consultation with our sales team to discuss your requirements we can design a 3D layout and video along with simulated data proving throughputs.This can help in providing real life ROI figures and predict future...

Ever considered a live FIFO buffer store?

22 January 2020

  CSL have recently installed this 8 lane example, the product has it's barcode scanned and using a Qimarox MK5 continuous elevator is sorted to a dedicated buffer lane. Once the batch is complete it is rel...

A Busy start to 2020 for CSL

15 January 2020

2020 has been a busy start to the year for CSL, commissioning 2 large systems ready for operation in 2020. The systems included motorised roller conveyor, Ambaflex Spirals,  Qimarox elevators, buffer sto...

CSL Warehouse Efficiency Solutions

06 January 2020

For most warehouse operations efficiency is always considered as very important, whether its throughput, accuracy, health and safety or associated costs. CSL warehouse solutions ...

CSL gift to beat Prostate Cancer

13 December 2019

Instead of sending out Christmas cards and gifts this year, CSL have decided to donate to Prostate Cancer UK. It’s shocking to know that 1 in 8 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Our donation wi...

A Busy Month of exhibitions

18 November 2019

  Thank you to everyone who visited one of our stands over the last 4 weeks at either IMHX, PPMA, Robotics and Automation shows. Also a massive WELL DONE to the CSL sales and marketing team for their ...

CSL Pallet Handling Solutions

06 November 2019

Pallet handling is an important part of many warehouse operations, by automating this companies can see reductions in costs and health & safety risks.

Multi floor product movement from CSL

22 October 2019

  Many factories and warehouses have production and storage across multiple floor levels which require products to be either raised or lowered vertically. CSL’s range of Ambaflex Spiral continuous ver...

CSL Warehouse Solutions

03 September 2019

  If you are planning any changes to your warehouse or factory, CSL can help. We have significant expertise in conveyor and warehouse solutions including high speed sortation, spiral elevators, mezzanine floors and...

Thinking about your 2020 peaks?

07 July 2019

  Thinking about your 2020 peaks and how to manage efficiencies and achieve improvements? CSL can help: ► Complete conveyor systems ► High/low speed sortation ►...

Handling poly bags, jiffys, cartons and totes between floor levels has never been better!

16 April 2019

Moving products efficiently, safely and easily between floors is a challenge many warehouse and facility managers face. Often the use of forklift trucks is applied, replacing this with a spiral solution is not only more efficient but also much safer.

Bespoke Trolley Car system

19 March 2019

Been a busy few weeks at CSL

Visit CSL at IntraLogistex19

26 February 2019

Come and visit CSL at the IntraLogisteX show at the Ricoh arena today and tomorrow.  Meet with our sales team to discuss upcoming factory and warehouse automation project requirements.

How to Manage with Peak Demands & Returns

08 February 2019

  Conveyor solutions play an important role within many facilities and warehouses, which link multiple parts of the operation. With increasing operating costs and supply chain pressure for faster and hi...

Customer Testimonial- Signet Jewelers Limited

05 February 2019

Signet Are the UK’s largest specialist Jewellery retailer with circa 500 stores across the UK and Ireland. The last decade has seen significant growth in customer online orders Signet identified the need for new investment within its Customer...

CSL in 3D!

06 December 2018

CSL utilise the latest 3D navigation software

Worried about Black Friday or Peak seasons?

20 November 2018

Are you worried about BLACK FRIDAY? Running at full capacity? Getting pick/pack errors? Seeing warehouse inefficiencies? Having health and safety issues? Experiencing delays in product movement? Struggling to manage peak seasons? Then why not consider...

PPMA Show interview with CSL

21 October 2018

A recent interview with our Sales Director Jim Farquhar filmed at the PPMA Show 2018 a couple of weeks ago. For more information on how CSL can automate...

CSL at Robotics and Automation Show 2018

10 October 2018

Come and visit CSL at the Robotics a...

A very busy week for CSL

14 September 2018


Some of our recent clients

30 August 2018

  For information on how CSL can automate your warehouse or factory call our sales team on 01283 552255 or click here

A new warehouse on the horizon?

21 August 2018

  CSL offer a wide range of warehouse and factory conveyors to suit most requirements and budgets, systems can include: Roller Conveyors        ...

CSL Supports charity football match

07 August 2018

CSL Proud to support a local charity football match supporting The National Autistic Society. The game takes place on Sunday 12th August at 11am near Swadlincote. To donate visit

Ten Reasons for Automation

23 July 2018

Ten reasons for automation:

Happy 70th Birthday to the NHS!

05 July 2018

Happy 70th Birthday to the NHS!

Another busy week for CSL on site

28 June 2018

CSL have been busy on site this month, working on the 3rd Phase of a large installation

CSL continues it's community spirit

21 June 2018

As part of the CSR policy this month CSL donated 2 trolley loads of food to the local Swadlincote CVS Foodbank. About Swadlincote Foodbank: The South Derbyshire CVS provides free emergency food parcels to famili...

Thinking about the future of your warehouse?

12 June 2018

Worried about sourcing labour, post brexit? Need to increase throughputs to meet new demands? Health and safety issues increasing? Want to optimise warehouse space? Need to ...

Roller Conveyor vs Belt Conveyor

11 June 2018

Although there are obvious visual differences between these, the phrase ‘conveyor belt’ is often used as a general term for all conveyors types but both are integral parts of many conveyor systems.  CSL have installed both belt and roller conveyors in many different facilities including factories and warehou...

CSL Installing an Ambaflex Spiral

06 June 2018

Ever wondered how CSL upright a spiral elevator?

5 Top Tips for conveyor Maintenance

24 May 2018

Through many years of experience CSL have put together a list of 5 recommended tips to keep your conveyor system running smoothly.

ZLP vs Lineshaft roller conveyor - Explained

14 May 2018

A question often asked by customers is what are the main differences between motorised roller and powered roller conveyors....

CSL Sortation Technologies

02 May 2018

CSL sortation systems can handle a wide range of products in varying sized foot prints. Product can be diverted off at 30°, 45° or 90° using a range of technologies to suit different applications.

CSL Launch new look website

24 April 2018

Conveyor Systems Ltd is proud to launch the newly redesigned website, www.conveyorsystemsltd.co.uk.

IntraLogistex in 2019.

19 April 2018

CSL are delighted to be returning to IntraLogistex in 2019. Our team look forward to meeting you here or any of our 2018 shows: ► PPMA - 25-27th September ► Robotics and Automation - 10th - 11th October Find out more abo...

CSL's Interesting Projects

03 April 2018

CSL have been working on some very interesting projects recently For more information on how CSL can help your organisation please visit www.conveyorsystemsltd.co.uk or call our sales team on 01283 552255  ...

CSL have been busy on site

26 March 2018

      CSL ha...

Get the most out of your CSL conveyor system

15 March 2018

In an effort to keep unexpected downtime and subsequent disruption to a minimum, CSL can offer a wide range of support services to suit most budgets and can tailor a package to suit including:  • Spare Parts R...

Intralox ARB Sortation System from Conveyor Systems Ltd

13 March 2018

  Intralox’s patented Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) equipment brings the benefits of modular plastic belting to conveyance applications like sorting, merging, and switching. ARB technology enables flexibility, hig...

Conveyor Belts Explained

20 January 2016

HOW ARE CONVEYOR BELTS MADE? Ordinarily conveyor belts are made from a pre-punched, mild steel folded framework and supports with a powder coat paint finish for general use such as warehouses or stainless-steel pre-punched fold...