All CSL control systems are fully documented through the project and presented to the customer at the completion of the project.

The customer will receive the following documentation:

  • Functional Design Specification, detailing the overall line philosophy of the conveyor system and third party interface requirements, this will be subject for review with the customer.
  • Electrical Device Layout, representing the location of all field items on the system such as photocell, etc.
  • AC and DC calculations of the system, in which all AC and DC loading is calculated.
  • Full Panel Electrical Circuits, detailing all the electrical wiring within the control panel and the devices out in the field.
  • Full Cable Schedule of the system as installed, detailing all the cabling and connections from the main control panel out to the field devices
  • Operational Manual, detailing how to operate the conveyor system and fault find, will contain data sheets of the electrical parts used on the system.
  • Full Part List of Control Panel and Field Devices listing part numbers and manufacturers.
  • Full Copy of PLC and HMI Software on a CD to be used with the manufacturers programming software.
  • Panel and electrical installation Test certificate.
  • Safety Evaluation to ISO 13849-1.