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Warehouse & Logistics News

03 December 2012

CSL provides the missing link to optimum conveyor solutions - PDF 1mb

Conveyor Systems Ltd appoint a new Sales Manager

04 November 2012

As part of strategic plans, CSL announce the appointment of Jim Farquhar as Sales Manager to join our rapidly expanding company.

Machinery Update

15 September 2012

Compact Spiralveyor is a space saving option - PDF 211k

CSL Spiral Conveyors Brochure September 2012

08 September 2012

Products overview and information.

Packaging Today

19 June 2012

CSL takes bottling hall to a higher level - PDF 860k

Warehouse News

31 May 2012

CSL Continues Association with Diageo at New Leven Bottling Hall - PDF 1.7mb

CSL expands to new premises to meet growing demand

18 January 2012

Due to expanding sales and a growing demand on the business, Conveyor Systems Ltd is pleased to announce its expansion and relocation to new, larger and more modern premises, whilst remaining in the Swadlincote area of Derbyshire. The move took place at the end of January 2012 and the new site will offer increased office and storage ac...

CSL Newsletter January 2012

07 January 2012

News, events and product information.

Warehouse & Logistics News

15 December 2011

Interview with CSL's Director Steve Graham - PDF 1.6mb

Conveyor Systems

05 November 2011

Conveyor Systems Limited (CSL) will display a fully operational automated conveying system that demonstrates the firm's ability to provide conveying solutions...

CSL Clean Up!

04 November 2011

A leading multi-national pharmaceutical company who had previously worked with CSL, awarded them a contract to design and build an inspection and packaging belt conveyor.

CSL Exhibition Entry

03 November 2011

Press Clipping

Getting a Grip

02 November 2011

Press clipping

Flexibility for Bread Rolls

01 November 2011

Press clipping

Produce Sent Packing

31 October 2011

Press clipping

Spiral Solution for Drinks Business

30 October 2011

Press clipping

Easy Clean Solution Boosts Pizza Delivery

29 October 2011

Press clipping

Customised Conveyor for Clean Room

29 October 2011

Press Clipping

Conveyor Systems Provides the Link in Automated Handling

28 October 2011

Connecting Industry press clipping

No Sick Bays Means Richer Pickings

26 October 2011

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Conveyor Systems in tune with handling needs

09 November 2010

A leading specialist retailer of Music, DVD/Video, Computer Games and Related Products, looked to create shopfloor space within the 40+ high street stores in and around the M25 network, by reviewing delivery proceeds from its Distribution Centre. Working closely the main contractor, a leading manufacturer of labelling systems, CSL was ...

CSL case reject line takes the biscuit

03 August 2010

A leading biscuit manufacturer contacted a number of materials handling companies to review and provide a packing line solution to ensure the accuracy of case fulfillment and provide a case reject system prior to automatic sealing. After deliberating on the various alternative concepts presented, the contract was awarded to Conveyor Sy...

Summer 2010 Newsletter

08 July 2010

News, events and product information.

Fresh Direct returns to Conveyor Systems

01 June 2010

In order to meet the growing demand on the services of Fresh Direct, the company returned to CSL who had previous and successfully provided handling solutions in the past. CSL was awarded the contract to design and install a new conveying and packing system to enable quality fresh produce to be order picked and delivered to UK caterers...

CSL Company Brochure

08 May 2010

Products and Services Overview

Conveyor Systems interface and meet all levels of food hygiene

02 September 2009

A leading producer and distributor of fresh chilled foods invited a number of companies to tender for the design, manufacture, supply and installation of a new product handling system that would transfer individual or stacked pizza film wrapped bases between high and low care food quality areas.

CSL experience proves flexible to CeDo unloading requirement

01 September 2009

CeDo - the leading European manufacturer and supplier of polyethylene and aluminium disposable household branded products, recently appointed Conveyor Systems to design and supply a 'Goods Inwards' centre for unloading boxed goods from 20 - 40 ft vehicle containers to its Telford plant.

CSL provide heavy duty pallet handling system for recycling industry

01 June 2009

One of UK's fastest-growing waste management companies specialising in recycling waste paper collection and processing, recently appointed Conveyor Systems to design and install a handle system to transport and reject under/oversized large bales of paper prior to entering a stretch hooding machine.

Vaillant warm to CSL cost effective solution

01 February 2009

As Europe's leading heating technology manufacturer, Vaillant returned to CSL to re-configure and relocate one of three existing CSL packaging conveyor lines, modifying PLC software to handle a new product introduced to the range.

Summer 2008 Newsletter

04 August 2008

Featuring news, events and product information.

Langmead Farms use innovation in UK traditional industry

23 July 2008

Langmead Farms is an innovative and ethical supplier of quality salad products and believes that every aspect of farming and the supply chain process must be constantly reviewed to provide the best quality products in the most cost effective and efficient way. Having installed state-of-the art baggers, check weighers and metal detector...

Centre of Excellence

12 December 2007

CHP Packer International press clipping

CSL Aid NHS With Modernisation Strategy

01 March 2007

As part of the modernisation strategy developed by NHS National Procurement to streamline the way supplies are ordered, stored and delivered to hospitals across Scotland, a brand new 100,000sqft. NDC was planned to operate as a computerised logistical hub incorporating the most modern storage and distribution systems. The warehouse can...

Creating a Bridge to New Machinery

12 September 2006

Automation Magazine press clipping

CSL Nail Wolf Systems Handling Requirements With New Pallet Handling System

01 September 2005

Looking to improve on efficiencies associated with moving individual 1 tonne pallet loads of boxed metal roofing nail plates by fork lift truck, from the manufacturing unit to the warehouse located separately some 100 metres away - Wolf Systems invited Conveyor Systems Limited to review procedures and to put forward handling proposals ...

CSL at Georgia Pacific

01 July 2005

Working closely with main contractors Advanced Labelling Systems at Georgia Pacific, CSL provided a simple but effective conveying system that singulated and accurately presented packs of shrink wrapped paper rolls in a stretch film outer to their labelling equipment.

CSL Rose to the Challange At Maple Leaf

01 November 2004

With the demand for specialist bakery products expanding in both the UK and Europe, CSL was called upon to design an end of line conveying system for the packaging of various sized bags of bagels into cartons and plastic supermarket trays.

CSL Chute to Fill at Chivas

01 June 2004

With a long history of tradition dating back to 1801, the demand for Chivas Regal Blended Scotch Whisky has been increasing world-wide and therefore, the responsibiltiy of getting this premium product safely on the shelves is of paramount importance. Recent developments at the Chivas - Newbridge plant looked to increase hand packing ra...

CSL Feed Tesco Security Packing System

31 May 2004

Conveyor Systems won the contract to design and supply a handling system to transport stacks of plastic tote trays through an automatic security wrapping system.

CSL Meet All Levels Of Food Hygiene

30 May 2004

After receiving several tenders, a leading producer and distributor of fresh chilled foods, awarded CSL the contract to design, supply and install a new conveyor system to transfer individual or stacked, pizza film wrapped bases from first floor level down to ground floor.

CSL are a Hit with Universal

29 May 2004

CSL successfully completed the consolidation of order picking operations at the Universal Music Group distribution centre at Kingston, Milton Keynes, to supply CD's, videos, DVD's, cassettes and vinyl to some 2,500 live customers, including record shops and group distribution centres.

Blooming Success At Flower Plus

27 May 2004

flamingo holdings Part of the international group Flamingo Holdings, involved in the growing, processing, packaging and marketing of cut flowers - Flower Plus in Spalding takes delivery of fresh flowers from Europe and Africa, and distributes them to florist and supermarkets throughout the UK.