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3 Reasons conveyors Improve warehouse/factory safety

17 November 2015

Looking to improve safety in the factory/warehouse and also improve efficiency, here are 3 reasons conveyors are the answer:

forklift safety sign

  1. Reduce forklift truck traffic/movements- conveyors can continually move pallets/totes/boxes etc between zones which will see medium/long term cost savings as well as reducing chances of forklift related accidents.  
  2. Cuts down on manual and multiple handling- with conveyors moving products between zones there are less requirements for heavy boxes to be manually lifted and moved, often more than once.
  3. Reduces products being manually transported between floor levels- a spiral conveyor  can continually move products between floors, rather than using forklifts, goods lifts or stairs which can be time consuming and create Health and Safety issues. 

Workforce safety in the workplace is of paramount importance and conveyors improve safety whilst increasing throughputs and operational efficiency. 

For information on how CSL can increase factory/warehouse safety and efficiency please call 01283 552255 or visit www.conveyorsystemsltd.co.uk