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Why install a CSL Conveyor solution?

21 January 2016

Conveyor Systems Ltd offers a wide range of conveyors to create customised product handling systems for moving anything from small poly bags, cases, totes and pallets up to 2 tons in either simple transit or accumulation modes and can also be utilised for feeds to and from palletisers, wrappers, labellers, strappers, sealers etc.

Systems can be based on modular designs to provide a simple and cost effective scheme or alternatively, a bespoke solution can be proposed depending on requirements and/or budget.


Why install a CSL Conveyor solution?

  • Faster Transit times
  • Reduce all forms of pallet truck movements thus lowering costs and improving safety
  • Medium and long term savings compared to manual operations
  • Providing constant feed to/from machines
  • Better utilisation of labour resources
  • Products can be accumulated and conveyed above head height
  • Less space needed compared to forklift truck aisles
  • Energy efficient systems
  • Low Maintenance
  • Automated accurate sortation systems

Some of our clients: