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Case Study - CSL introduce new energy efficient 24V non-contact accumulation conveyor

Conveyor Systems Ltd recently launched its new energy efficient 24V non-contact accumulation conveyor (Zero Line Pressure/ZLP) at IMHX 2013. The new 24V Motorised Roller conveyor is designed to handle most regular shaped products, but is ideally suited for providing smooth transfer of fragile, irregular shaped or high value goods, singulating and accumulating online to avoid product contact or line pressure.

The conveyors are manufactured with either extruded low profile aluminium side frames or from mild steel construction.

Individual product "zones" - normally one per product, are created along the length of the conveyor system, each driven by a reliable, energy efficient 24V brushless motorised roller that is PLC controlled in conjunction with sensors located in each of the driven zones to monitor the path of the products along the conveyor.

These conveyors offer maximum flexibility to handle varying throughput rates, unit sizes and traffic patterns, including 'singulation' or 'train release' (slugs of products) to support easy and safe removal of packages to/from the conveyor.

As specific conveyor zones only run when there are containers present on the line, this drastically reduces energy consumption and noise, whilst also reducing wear and tear of components and therefore contributes to increasing the conveyor system's operational life.

CSL can supply single conveyor modules or designed as a complete turnkey system with full integrated controls, installed and commissioned for assembly, packaging/end-of-line and warehousing/order picking applications across a wide range of industries.