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100 Spirals for CSL!

24 April 2017

January saw Conveyor Systems Ltd receive an order for its 100th Ambaflex spiral elevator/lowerator which will be installed April. CSL have worked closely with Ambaflex to become one of its largest UK integrators , CSL are able to provide enviable expertise both presale and post sale.

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Conveyor Systems Ltd (CSL) celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year, which has seen the company grow year-on-year during this time.

2017 started off with a strong order book and saw CSL reach another milestone in its illustrious history, taking an order for their 100th Spiral Elevator, which was quickly followed by their 101st! These projects will be installed very shortly and they are already looking towards the next 100.

Part of CSL’s success has always been the commitment to providing quality equipment as an integral part of their solutions, which means ensuring their supply partners are leading brands in their fields.  Ambaflex is one of these key partners and the Spiralveyor range is the leading and most compact spiral on the market, which together with numerous recommendations and re-orders from existing customers, has helped CSL reach the 100 mark.

CSL specialise in providing conveyor solutions for numerous industries including warehouse and E-commerce Companies.  Most operations deal with the picked orders from mezzanine floor levels which need to be transported to a packing area located on the ground floor and then for sortation and despatch. The integration of the Spiral Elevator/lowerator, which is reversible as a standard function to aid replenishment, allows clients to maximise the space utilisation by allowing product to be delivered to ground floor in the quickest possible manner whilst taking up a minimal space footprint.

For more information visit their website www.conveyorsystemsltd.co.uk, or speak to the solutions team and see how CSL can improve your warehouse space and efficiency.   CSL can provide you with anything from a simple single floor order picking solution through to the lowerating of products from multiple floor levels to ground floor, via an array of bar code scanners and on to high speed sortation systems.

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