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What goes up - Must come down

06 March 2018

Many factories and warehouses have production and storage across multiple floor levels which require products to be either raised or lowered between floors. CSL’s range of interfloor conveyor products provide a range of solutions to suit most requirements, products and budgets.


Examples of CSL interfloor conveyors include: 

  • Spiral elevators/lowerators
  • Vertical/Continuous elevators
  • Incline/Decline belt conveyors
  • Pallet Elevators

The CSL range of interfloor conveyors have suitable products for handling most products such as jiffy bags, poly bags, tote bins, cardboard cases, cartons & pallets etc.


Why install a CSL interfloor conveyor solution?

  • Space Saving / Compact footprints
  • Reduce fork lift truck movements
  • Faster transit times
  • Safely move goods up and down from multiple floors
  • Spirals can be used for online buffers and indexers
  • Reduce material handling equipment lowering costs and increasing safety
  • Reduce the number of employees needed for product movements allowing for redeployment
  • Provide a constant feed to other zones within the facility
  • Increase efficiencies and output
  • 'Sleep Mode' options available for power saving
  • Less space needed compared to forklift truck aisles
  • Medium and long term savings compared to manual operations


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