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CSL Team cycle Coast to Coast

15 August 2018

In August 2018 CSL challenged a team of its employees to cycle 153miles coast to coast to raise money for ‘Living Paintings’, the only charity in the UK who design, create and publish tactile and audio books for blind and partially sighted people.

They publish titles suitable for anyone from pre-school to adult. The range is designed to provide education and life-long learning, enhance lifestyle and support leisure interests. They distribute these Touch to See books through their free postal library.

 The ride saw the team cycle over some of the steepest climbs in the lake district including Hartside summit (1903ft above sea level), they battled mechanical issues and severe down pours lasting the entire day. The ride was completely unsupported, meaning the team had to carry all their kit, another challenge in itself!

Cycle team leader and Sales proposals manager Danny Walster said ‘the team did well to conquer some very challenging climbs, during the 3 days cycling we encountered heavy rain, mist, and bright sunshine. One of the most important things we had packed was the camping stove, kettle and coffee! We feel proud to have accomplished the challenge for a very worthy cause and fingers crossed the challenge next year will be in better weather!”

For more information visit www.livingpaintings.org