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How to Manage with Peak Demands & Returns

Posted: 08 February 2019


Conveyor solutions play an important role within many facilities and warehouses, which link multiple parts of the operation. With increasing operating costs and supply chain pressure for faster and higher capacities, manual aspects of warehouse/facilities are becoming operational bottlenecks. Conveyors and automation provide the solution!

CSL supply a wide range of conveyor products to meet most requirements such as multi-floor, high & low speed sortation, transit, accumulation, pallet and more. Systems can be designed to handle tote bins, cartons, parcels, poly bags, pallets etc.

  • Powered/motorised roller (400v +24v) 
  • Spiral Conveyors     
  • Belt Conveyors
  • Vertical elevators
  • Pallet Conveyors
  • high speed sortation
  • Order picking conveyors
  • Sortation and diverting

The project process includes design, installation and commissioning and incorporates integrated controls and software design. We fully project manage the conveyor installation and co-ordinate with our mechanical and electrical conveyor installation teams to satisfy your overall project plan.