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Handling poly bags, jiffys, cartons and totes between floor levels has never been better!

Posted: 16 April 2019

Moving products efficiently, safely and easily between floors is a challenge many warehouse and facility managers face. Often the use of forklift trucks is applied, replacing this with a spiral solution is not only more efficient but also much safer.

AmbaFlex Spiral conveyors provide a continuous throughput from heights up to 20m while also featuring the smallest footprint available, saving valuable floor space for an efficient system layout. The shallow incline together with the high grip slats make the AmbaFlex spiral the perfect solution for the elevation of totes, cases, cartons, drums, bags etc.

  • Slat widths 200mm-600mm           
  • Heights up to 20m/60ft           
  • Spiral elevators
  • Safe transit between multiple floors/heights
  • Up to 50kg per metre
  • Fully reversible
  • Continuous throughput
  • Twin lanes available

CSL are an approved partner for the AmbaFlex products which include the spiral solutions the AmbaVeyor range, which can be supplied as standalone pieces of equipment or as part of an integrated conveyor system. CSL can also supply other integral pieces of the solutions jigsaw such as mezzanine floors along with high and low speed sortation solutions.