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Interroll Crossbelt Sortation System - Available at CSL

03 March 2020

Up to 20,000 items per hour can be sorted with ease using the latest Cross Belt Sorter from Interroll. The sorter is quiet, reliable and highly accurate while also taking up minimal space in your warehouse. Utilising the sorter and CSL's control engineers, products upto 50kg can be handled and sorted ready for dispatch.


Mechanical Design

The new High-Performance Crossbelt Sorter continues to rely on the proven, robust mechanical design of its predecessor. There was no reason to make major changes to a design concept that has been working seamlessly for so many years. However there have been a number of smaller upgrades to make it even more durable, i.e. narrower tracks to prevent items from falling in and obstructing the carriers’ path and to make it easier to stack. All in all, this is still the most reliable Crossbelt Sorter on the market.

Larger Carriers

The carriers have increased in size and made even more robust. The maximum width of a carrier went from 850mm to 1350mm. This makes it possible for each carrier to accommodate larger (up to 1200mm x 600mm) and heavier (up to 50kg) items. Thanks to this increase in capacity, the High-Performance Crossbelt Sorter can be used in many more applications and industries, such as heavy-duty CEP or other specialty applications where size and weight of the goods are a concern. Also, thanks to a minor design tweak, heavy items can now be discharged much faster: this means the destination chutes can be made smaller, thereby making it possible to have more chutes within the same footprint of your facility.

Better Performance

The High-Performance Crossbelt Sorter benefits from a 40% increase in overall speeds up to 2.5 m/s, as well as 30 % higher throughput values. This is due to improvements to the drive unit, which is now lighter and more efficient, as well as a change in the drive mechanism itself, where a rubber belt replaced the chain. This makes it possible to achieve better performance, therefore increasing productivity and ultimately having a positive impact on your bottom line.

Inexpensive Maintenance

Maintenance for the High-Performance Crossbelt Sorter is extremely easy and inexpensive. This is true for many reasons. First of all, the drive chain has been replaced with a rubber belt. This makes lubrication a thing of the past! Secondly, it is now much easier and faster to replace the belt. However, our extensive tests indicate this will not happen for many years even in the case of 24/7 operations. Carriers are also replaced much faster, and wear parts are also less expensive, making overall maintenance costs significantly lower than with a conventional Crossbelt Sorter!

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