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Roller Conveyor vs Belt Conveyor

Posted: 15 September 2020

Although there are obvious visual differences between these, the phrase ‘conveyor belt’ is often used as a generic term for all conveyor types but both are integral parts of many conveyor systems.

CSL have installed a mix of both belt and roller conveyors in many different facilities including factories and warehouses and been used to handle a wide range of products from very light polybags up to heavy totes and cartons. 

Belt conveyors are limited to weights being carried whereas roller conveyors have been supplied handling up to two tonne pallet loads and bins.

Belt conveyors are ideal for handling small/lightweight/irregular products and can be set on an incline to convey products to/from higher levels.

Roller conveyor systems are easier to be added to or modified and can be designed with merges/diverts for use as a sortation system and used where product accumulation is required.