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14 Top Tips to Maximise the Effectiveness and Safety of your Conveyor System

20 August 2020

With increasing costs and mounting pressures to have an accident free site, it is vitally important that organisations invest time into maximising the effectiveness and safety of their conveyor systems


Many of the points below cost very little to initiate but can save substantial time in conveyor system downtime and most importantly cut down on operator accidents.

  • Ensure all operators are trained on how to use the conveyor system correctly and safely
  • Do not attempt to clear blockages or remove damaged product unless the conveyor is stopped
  • Ensure safety stickers are positioned in the correct locations throughout the conveyor system and always kept visible and in good condition
  • Ensure conveyor emergency safety stop buttons are maintained and remain visible
  • Carry out regular maintenance in accordance with your documentation
  • Keep fingers, hair, loose clothing etc. away from moving parts. Wear suitable clothing to reduce the risk of entanglement.
  • All operators should be familiar with the position of emergency stop controls
  • Operators should report any potential hazards on the conveyor system such as damaged or worn components so that they may be dealt with before they become dangerous or cause stoppages.
  • Operator awareness that the conveyor system may start without warning
  • Keep all sensors free of debris and correctly aligned
  • Ensure all moving parts are correctly guarded particularly after maintenance inspections
  • No maintenance should be carried out on the conveyor without the system being isolated
  • Ensure the HMI cabinet is always kept locked and key kept with nominated representative
  • Ensure light guards/interlocked access points are correctly highlighted and functionally wired to the PLC.

If these points are adhered to, both savings and increased throughputs should be almost immediately evident and will help to keep the conveyor system in good order for many years.