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Conveyor Systems ARE a good investment

Posted: 01 October 2020

A conveyor system can become both an essential and integral part of any warehouse or production environment where products of varying types are moved around.
One of the key factors of their success is that they invariably save time and money by personnel not having to take the time to transport the products, packages etc themselves when they could be utilised carrying out other, more important value added tasks.

Conveyor systems are principally designed to work automatically without human intervention so can distribute items around an operation and feed relevant products to the correct destinations around the building keeping the number of personnel to a minimum.

Pallet conveyors remove the need in certain areas for forklift trucks particularly in higher volume areas where there is potential for personnel interface reducing both the high initial outlay of the trucks and associated running costs.

Conveyors are capable of repeat operations 24/7 without error and easily interface automatically with associated equipment resulting in greatly reduced labour costs particularly in a 24-hour operation. Due to the speed of conveyors, higher numbers of items can be conveyed faster than personnel are able to.

CSL can now offer leasing options which are a tax saving and over 3 years actually cost less than paying for the project up front! 

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