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How has the conveyor sector been performing in the current climate? What do you see as the most important recent developments?

Posted: 13 October 2020

We are aware that this has been a difficult time for industry in general and particularly for companies who are involved in projects involving capital expenditure. However, industry still has to be proactive and look to automation to achieve increased productivity and savings. By reducing manual handling and with the introduction of conveyors and dynamic storage systems to ensure products are conveyed to the required areas rather than personnel moving around unnecessarily, this can quickly achieve improvements and demonstrate a return on investment.

While there are big challenges facing many traditional businesses and retailers, strong growth in e-commerce is continuing to drive demand for strategically located distribution space and highly efficient handling systems.

Therefore, companies are now committing and gearing up, particularly with an eye to online shopping, so that they prepared to meet the anticipated demand. This has a knock-on effect as companies look to invest in storage and automation, with particular emphasis on order picking, packing and sortation systems

Sortation systems have continued to evolve and to provide impressive throughputs with unique control systems that support accuracy and traceability of product flow throughout the supply chain. Also we seem to be obtaining more enquiries from end users for conveying systems without the very high levels of sophistication normally employed by the very large material handling companies in the business, in an effort to avoid excessive downtimes and unnecessary risks to their business.