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Spiral Elevator Options

Posted: 19 October 2020

Spiral Elevators come in a multitude of designs and sizes to fit specific applications with a wide variety of options available.

The main column diameter on a Spiral Elevator can vary depending upon the height and weights being carried (up to 50kg/m) and the stainless-steel outer guides are high to ensure goods are contained particularly in the event of loose loading.

Various types of chain driven slat widths are available which can be either standard or the overlapping design type which also allows small packages such as polybags and jiffy type bags to be handled.

When feeding either up or down to/from a mezzanine and ground floor level conveyor, a level section can be fitted at the junction to enable an easy transition from the incline onto the horizontal ( or vice versa) particularly if that happens to be onto/off rollers.

To keep the number of windings (360 degree turns) to a minimum and ensure the angle of incline can accommodate products without them slipping down, friction inserts are moulded into the slats to ensure sufficient grip whilst the underside of the chain driven slats are fully underguarded to current HSE requirements.

As with any chain they will stretch over a period of time so the addition of chain stretch sensors will, in the event of too much stretch, prevent the spiral from running and alert personnel. An automatic dry lubrication system can also be added to avoid the chain from becoming dry and prematurely wearing out.

In the event of products needing to be fed onto the spiral from conveyors at different floor levels, a merge unit can be fitted (to match the circumference of the specific spiral) to allow a smooth transition from conveyor to spiral.