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Automating your warehouse

Posted: 03 February 2021

With the challenges we all faced in 2020 and the likelihood similar conditions will prevail well into this year, we can use these recent experiences with a view to shaping our future warehouse and factory automation requirements.

The simultaneous combination of both BREXIT and the coronavirus pandemic has dramatically altered how we run our facilities. The main challenge was coping with the exponential surge in demand for on online order fulfilment, in tandem with operating social distancing and other safety measures.

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CSL’s warehouse/factory solutions can ensure that more processes are undertaken by automation and busy times are managed efficiently, allowing throughputs to be maximised whilst also reducing your labour headaches and costs. CSL design turnkey warehouse solutions based on your products, space and required ROI whilst making improvements to health and safety.

CSL warehouse, ecommerce fulfilment centre and factory automation solutions include:

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