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Spiralling Demand

24 November 2014

With an increasing demand for its compact, column-designed Spiral Conveyor Elevators, Conveyor Systems (CSL) has secured the domain name www.spirals.co.uk to assist companies who are searching for an experienced and reliable supplier.

The spiral elevator/lowerators are said to offer a cost-effective, flexible solution to materials handling, where products must be raised or lowered vertically between floor levels in a continuous flow. 

A Spiral Conveyor features one of the smallest footprints available. Units are versatile, reliable and faster than many elevator/lifts, and with just one drive motor per spiral, energy savings are said to be substantial and systems integration simple. 

Units are reversible as standard for dual operation such as batch feeding or replenishment to/from various floor levels, whilst multi-lane units with their separate drives allow continuous flow in both directions.

They come complete with an inverter for speed variation and being able to ramp the speed down provides either on or off-line buffer accumulation.

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