Order Picking Systems


Picking from ergonomically designed carton live storage racking offers a solution for fast and efficient order picking of fast moving and date sensitive products, utilising FIFO storage principles (first in, first out) and from condensed pick faces.

  • Space saving benefits can be achieved compared to traditional shelving
  • Pick face is constantly being replenished automatically
  • Avoids congestion for pickers and re-stockers               
  • Reduces walking distances for operatives
  • Provides accuracy of stock rotation and inventory
  • Speeds up and automates the movement of completed orders               

By integrating a roller conveyor across the front of the pick face, completed orders can then be conveyed through various picking zones including bulk pick, to QC, packing and despatch to provide for maximum efficiency in handling.

A conveyor system which is simple, flexible and geared to your specific requirements will ensure a rapid payback on your investment.