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Order Picking Systems

With warehouses and ecommerce fulfilment centres becoming more and more important the efficiencies must be fully considered. Every aspect of the facility needs to be planned with complete consideration to ensure processing time is kept to a minimum and throughputs maximised.

Incorporating an order picking segment is a perfect way of significantly reducing pick times of faster moving products. There are many options/versions of how Order picking in conjunction with a conveyor system can work.   The main 2 options have a slight variant, which is that the operators pick from either ergonomically designed carton live storage racking located directly on the conveyor face or form a shelving system located away from the conveyor. Pick to Light technology can also enhance the accuracy levels of each pick, as a bolt on solution. Once an item is picked, it is placed straight into a tote or shipping carton which moves around on powered roller conveyors between pick zones then onto QC, packing and despatch.

Intelligent control software and barcode reading /RFID systems ensure the conveyor accurately delivers the tote/carton to the operator in the correct pick zone.

Automation offers a solution for fast and efficient order picking of fast moving and date sensitive products, utilising FIFO storage principles (first in, first out) and from condensed pick faces.

  • Space saving benefits can be achieved compared to traditional shelving
  • Pick face is constantly being replenished automatically
  • Avoids congestion for pickers and re-stockers     
  • Integrates with WMS/WCS/SCADA systems         
  • Reduces walking distances for operatives
  • Provides accuracy of stock rotation and inventory
  • Speeds up and automates the movement of completed orders               

A conveyor system which is simple, flexible and geared to your specific requirements will ensure a rapid payback on your investment.

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