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This Quality Policy sets out to demonstrate Conveyor Systems Limited’s commitment to ensure effective compliance with our quality management system.  The company has a legal, moral, and business imperative to ensure quality is effectively managed throughout the company.   Conveyor Systems Ltd has a responsibility to its customers to ensure that products/solutions supplied are safe, legal and satisfy customers specifications.

The company is committed to regularly review its quality performance and its process of continual improvement in all aspects of quality.

The fulfilment of the Quality Policy’s aims is achieved through:

  • Implementation and management of the Quality Management system to the requirement of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Requirements.
  • Demonstrated commitment and leadership from the directors of the business.
  • Providing the financial and human resources required to meet obligations.
  • A commitment to satisfy applicable requirements (including standards, legislation, and regulations) as identified within the quality management system.
  • Regular management reviews to ensure that processes deliver their intended outputs.
  • Reporting on the performance of the quality management system and identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • Setting appropriate quality objectives to align with CSL’s strategic direction.
  • Ensuring the promotion of customer focus throughout the company.
  • Continual improvement of the quality management system.
  • Continual improvement of designs, service, and products.

 The Quality Policy shall be communicated by:

  • Maintaining and making available an up-to-date copy of the Policy.
  • Ensuring that it is understood by CSL employees and applied across the business.
  • Making the Policy available to interested parties, as appropriate.


This policy shall be reviewed at least annually.

Mike Graham


20 September 2021