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Roller Conveyors


The most common forms of conveyor utilise roller technology, depending on requirements, speeds, product type and budget there are several types of roller conveyor available. The modular design allows for cost effective integration of conveyor modules to create highly efficient and adaptable materials handling solutions.


  • Greater control features and operational functionality
  • Cost Effective
  • Modular allowing flexibility and future expansion
  • A wide range of auxiliary interfaces available
  • Low Maintenance

Powered roller conveyors are the flexible solution to accommodate a wide range of products required for automated handling for most flat based products such as tote handing, cases, cartons etc.

Roller conveyor types include:

Powered Roller Conveyors (Lineshaft)

The most versatile and economic conveyor in material handling.

Powered by a standard SEW motor gearbox transferring drive using an underslung lineshaft and a series of bands and spools. 

Lineshaft systems are designed to integrate a range of standard ancillary devices including switch sorters, right angled transfers, blade stops, pushers etc. 

Provides low pressure accumulation, eliminating product damage. 

Motorised Roller Conveyors (ZLP)

24v DC drive makes for a safe and quiet system providing controlled accumulation.

Faster speeds than traditional accumulating conveyor.

Ideal for controlled singulation and product flow in a high throughput environment.

Designed to be non-contact accumulation (Zero Line Pressure Accumulation), ideal for handling delicate or varying shapes and sizes & weights of product which need to be queued without contact, this will avoid damage of products on the conveyor or alleviate any accumulation issues.

These systems are ideal for cartons, totes and boxes

Gravity Roller Conveyors

Gravity roller conveyors offer an unrivalled low cost effective way of reducing manual handling, moving goods and speeding up production flow of goods between two points.

CSL offer a wide range of conveyor systems available with steel rollers, high-impact plastic rollers, plastic or steel 'skate' wheels and even extra heavy duty steel roller sections.

CSL's range of gravity conveyors includes extendable and mobile conveyors which offer flexibility and are ideal for linking assembly plant or packaging machines, warehouses and for loading and unloading of vehicles.

Belt Under Roller

A roller conveyor system based on free running rollers with flat transmission belt in contact with underside of the roller.   Driven by a standard motor gearbox.

Belt under roller is ideal for medium weight totes/cartons/boxes at higher speeds or over long lengths with a single drive unit.