Factory / Production Line Solutions

Flower Processing plant slat conveyor

CSL specialise in designing transit and end-of-line conveyors for handling packaged or boxed products in a factory or production environment. Often the conveyor system moves products between processes or after completion to either a packing area or warehouse storage/marshalling areas. CSL can also offer solutions to provide inter-floor conveying using a spiral elevator or a choice of vertical elevators to suit the application. 

Why Install a CSL factory/production Solution?

  • Reduce personnel and fork lift truck movements
  • Faster transit times and constant product movement
  • Automate processes such as check weighing, box sealing, strapping etc
  • Safely move goods up and down from upper floors using spirals and vertical elevators
  • Provides a constant feed to/from machines
  • ‘Sleep Mode’ options available for power saving
  • Increase in turnaround/despatch times

Belt conveyors

Belt conveyorscome in various forms with different style belts such as smooth, grip face, modular plastic. They are commonly used in factories and production areas for elevating products above head height or to elevate/decline between different floors.

They are also ideal for conveying small, loose or delicate products which cannot travel on rollers due to size, shape, material, weight, rigidity etc. 

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Roller Conveyors

CSL offer a full range of powered roller conveyors and motorised roller conveyors manufactured from either aluminium, mild or stainless steel. Roller conveyor solutions can be both modular and bespoke and made up from multiple conveyor modules providing highly efficient and flexible solutions. A number of widths and bolt-on devices ensure most applications can be catered for. 

Motorised (zero line pressure/ZLP ) roller conveyor can be used for accumulating products where non-contact must be maintained.

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Ambaflex Spiral Elevator Conveyors

Ambaflex spiral elevators/lowerators provide a constant feed from several floor levels with a maximum lift of 20m. The shallow gradient and high grip slats make the spiral perfect for handling totes, cases, cartons and bags etc. Spirals are also reversible as standard for 2-way operation. 

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Qimarox Vertical Elevators

The CSL range of vertical elevators includes platform and continuous elevators both of which have small footprints and can feed to and from different floor levels. They are suitable for handling anything from small boxes up to large pallets. 

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Slatband and Modular Belt Conveyors

Slat band conveyors are available in many types of plastic or stainless steel chain and are often used for handling small packs and/or when higher speed and accuracy is essential. They can be supplied in mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium frames and supports to suit the application. Modular plastic belt is suitable where larger products are to be handled requiring wider conveyors

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