Cold Store Solutions

CSL Cold store conveyor systems are becoming more popular in a bid to reduce the health and safety implications of people operating in harsh environments. The conveyors will also reduce forktruck movements within the cold store, again reducing risk and cost.

Intelligent controls allow for the conveyors to pass products automatically through air lock doors reducing the need to open much larger forklift truck doors thereby reducing running costs.

Why Install a CSL Cold Room Conveying Solution?

  • Reduce cold store operators and mechanical handling equipment
  • Reduce the number of employees needed for product movements allowing for redeployment
  • Provides a constant feed in/out of the cold store resulting in greater volumes being handled
  • Integration with WMS systems by identifying pallet movements both in and out for stock rotation
  • Power saving ‘Sleep Mode’ option to automatically switch off drives if no product movements
  • Improved labour efficiencies as less time needed in the harsh environment
  • Operational integration with shutter doors/air curtains
  • Reduce costs even further with the incorporation of a reversing conveying system to travel in either direction at the press of a button
  • All components specially rated for sub-zero operation to eliminate fatigue and subsequent failure

Box Handling Conveyors

CSL cold store roller based conveyors are specially designed for operations in harsh environments so are manufactured from either aluminium or stainless steel frames to avoid corrosion and can have a modular or bespoke design to suit the application. Normally in harsh environments roller conveyors are powered using a chain drive system with specially adapted motor gear box units. 

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Pallet Conveyors

CSL pallet conveyors can be used to move various pallets, cages, stillages, IBC’s etc in either transit or accumulation modes. The CSL cold store pallet conveyors are constructed in either stainless steel or powder coated steel and powered by chain driven rollers.

Roller conveyors can be fitted with mechanically based sensors complete with low temperature grease, to reduce the use of photocells which can be less effective in very cold conditions 

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Electrical Controls For Cold Store Conveyors

CSL systems can be controlled in severe locations by the use of appropriate components such as:-

  • Heated control panels to avoid condensation causing damage to internal components
  • Special low temperature cables
  • Devices mounted onto the conveyors having special double insulated seals to avoid condensation/short circuits
  • Where possible fitting corrosion resistant parts 

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