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Automated Packing

In the high tempo ever changing world of Ecommerce, the demands on online order fulfillment has never been greater.  Each element needs to be processed faster, more efficiently and with greater accuracy, and packaging of orders plays a major part in that process.

Luckily, technology is moving at a similar pace with multiple integrators offering a line up of automated box sizing machinery. Autopackers make customised packaging for a wide range of products automatically, the machine will size, construct, tape, weight and label for each custom order. This creates the perfect package and eliminated the need for void fill. It also reduces the volumetric shipping sizes reducing delivery costs. The machine feeds fan fold card from large card mills and cuts/folds it around the auto sized product. 

Autopackers have plenty of benefits for most fulfillment centres:

  • Reduction in volumetric shipping costs
  • cost saving as less materiel/void full is being used
  • Increases the packing throughput especially in peak times
  • Reductions in labour costs 
  • consistency in packages
  • Works alongside document inserters

CSL work with Sparck Technologies on autopacking solutions..



"Meet the CVP Impack. This automated packaging solution measures, constructs, tapes, weighs and labels each parcel in one seamless process. Using 3D scanning technology the CVP Impack reduces box volume up to 50% by creating the smallest parcel needed at the lowest expense, resulting in the lowest possible shipping costs.

A fit-to-size box reduces corrugate spend and minimizes or eliminates void fill usage. In addition to reducing costs from unnecessary packaging and shipping void fill material, the CVP Impack also addresses growing end customer environmental concerns over excessive wastage in packaging."



If the budget or requirement doesn't require an auto packer other solutions are available: 


Box Sizing
A variety of machinery designs provide an intelligent system which can downsize standard pre-selected cartons to minimum to save on empty space, void fill, materials, labour and volumetric shipping costs.


Carton Erectors 

Manual assembly of cartons can be a time-consuming function within many warehouses, CSL can supply automated on demand carton erectors as part of a turnkey system. Range topping versions can auto select the carton based on volumetric data from customer orders. 


To reduce the number of ‘touches’ a fully automated pick/pack operation often includes an inline automated label applicator. The applications range from a licence plate number (LPN) applicator, to dispatch/carrier labels as well as simple pallet labels. The labellers interact with the conveyor WCS, the controls package and the clients WMS.  

Case sealers

Once an order is picked and placed into a carton these can be either semi- automatically or fully automatically sealed prior to dispatch, these can be taped or glued and saves time and costs compared to an operative. Sealers are available to accommodate a single size carton or a random sealer can operate a range of carton sizes.