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Peripheral Equipment

As a leading integrator, part of any conveyor system solution invariably requires the addition of peripheral equipment to complete the turnkey package. Some of which include:

Check Weighing

In many e-commerece operations check weighers are an ideal solution to ensure orders are completely fulfilled and not under/over the expected weight and/or legal for trade. The check weighing solutions are fitted inline and interact with the conveyor WCS, the controls package and the clients WMS.


To reduce the number of ‘touches’ a fully automated pick/pack operation often includes an inline automated label applicator. The applications range from a licence plate number (LPN) applicator, to dispatch/carrier labels as well as simple pallet labels. The labellers interact with the conveyor WCS, the controls package and the clients WMS.  

These are also used in manufacturing processes and can have a barcode label applied before moving into bulk storage. 


Tote supply
CSL work closely with several tote bin manufacturers who can provide to tote bins to match the customers requirements and also that of the conveyor system.


Case sealers
Once an order is picked and placed into a carton these can be either semi- automatically or fully automatically sealed prior to dispatch, these can be taped or glued and saves time and costs compared to an operative. Sealers are available to accommodate a single size carton or a random sealer can operate a range of carton sizes.


Carton Erecting
Manual assembly of cartons can be a time-consuming function within many warehouses, CSL can supply automated on demand carton erectors as part of a turnkey system.


Box Sizing
A variety of machinery designs provide an intelligent system which can downsize standard pre-selected cartons to minimum to save on empty space, void fill, materials, labour and volumetric shipping costs.


DWS systems
A DWS system provides a complete solution for volumetrics. A Dimension-Weighing-Scanning system enhances an inbound or dispatch solution by providing accurate data, package by package.


Pallet wrappers
To band a single or multiple straps on a pallet, carton or tote.


Once a pallet is fully loaded an automated integrated pallet wrapper can wrap pallets in shrink wrap before being dispatched or sent to bulk store.  


Neopost in line autopacker
The autopacker makes customised packaging for a wide range of products automatically, the machine will size, construct, tape, weight and label for each custom order. This creates the perfect package and eliminated the need for void fill. It also reduces the volumetric shipping sizes reducing delivery costs.


Document Inserters
As part of an automated pick pack process the document inserter can be used to provide a pick sheet automatically into a carton or tote at the start of a process or a delivery/dispatch note at the end of the process prior to closing the carton.