Tote Handling Solutions

Many warehouse, production, processing and fulfilment facilities use tote bins to safely transport smaller products throughout the site due to their ease and flexibility. The CSL range of tote handling conveyors are suitable for most tote types and are available in both modular and/or bespoke systems to suit the application.

Totes are ideal for high speed transit and can be transported both horizontally and vertically. Using various methods of identification they can also be sorted and diverted with ease using camera scanners, barcode readers, RFID tags etc. 

Why Install a CSL Tote Handling Solution?

  • Minimize personnel manual handling
  • Reduce fork lift truck movements
  • Faster transit of products between zones
  • Safely move goods between floors using vertical elevators and spirals/space saving
  • Redeployment of staff
  • Can be integrated with WMS systems or standalone systems
  • High speed tote sortation
  • Creates buffer storage

Ambaflex Spiral Elevator Conveyors

The range of Ambaflex spiral conveyors provides a continuous flow for tote/carton elevation/loweration with reduced control requirements. Providing a continuous throughput between floors up to 20m and can be designed to include multiple infeeds and outfeeds. Ambaflex spirals are also reversible as standard for 2-way operation. It is the most compact spiral on the market. 

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Roller Conveyors

CSL offer a comprehensive range of motorised roller conveyors and powered roller conveyors in either aluminium, mild or stainless steel.

The standard modular design allows for cost effective integration of multiple conveyor modules to create highly adaptable and efficient handling systems. Zero line pressure (ZLP) Motorised roller conveyor as can be used for non-contact queuing of products.

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Handling totes using automated sortation systems usually involves diverting and merging products throughout the system to pre-determined locations. The sortation/diverts can be initiated using switch sorters, chain/belt transfers, active roller belting or pneumatic pushers, etc.

Totes can be identified prior to diverting using:

  • Barcode reading
  • RFID tags
  • Product sizes
  • Colour
  • Count
  • Weight

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Qimarox Vertical Elevators

The Qimarox range includes continuous and platform elevators which have small footprints and can infeed and outfeed totes across multiple floors. 

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