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Tote Handling Solutions


Many ecommerce fulfilment centres, warehouses and factories use tote bins to safely transport smaller products throughout the site due to their ease and flexibility. The CSL range of tote handling conveyors are suitable for most tote types and are available in both modular and/or bespoke systems to suit the application.

Totes are ideal for high speed transit and combining pre-supplied totes with barcodes/RFID provide the link to automation and intelligent transportation by linking to the WMS/Control system. These can be transported on single floors or between floors with ease. Using various methods of identification, they can be sorted, diverted or elevated to suit the application or special constraints. 

Why Install a CSL Tote Handling Solution?

  • Develop automation
  • Increase picking/packing accuracies
  • Minimize personnel manual handling
  • Reduce fork lift truck movements
  • Faster transit of products between zones
  • Safely move goods between floors using vertical elevators and spirals/space saving
  • Redeployment of staff
  • Can be integrated with WMS systems or standalone systems
  • High speed tote sortation
  • Creates buffer storage