Standard Sortation Conveyors

CSL have been providing handling solutions for many years that improve performance and throughput of materials with various and sensitive loads.

  • Reduce manual handling
  • Provides constant feed to other functions
  • Reduce risk of human error
  • Increase in efficiencies and outputs 
  • Can work alongside checking machinery
  • Suitable for a range of products


When it comes to designing a sortation system either as a straight line or in the form of a carousel, this normally involves merging and diverting products through the system to pre-determined destinations and to achieve this mechanically, various conveyor solutions can be incorporated, including:-

  • Diverters and Mergers  
  • Intralox ARB/DARB   
  • Chain Transfers 
  • Switch sorters
  • Intralox Omni Directional sorter
  • Pneumatic pushers





Various parameters of product identification prior to diverting can be employed such as barcode reading, RF tags, colour, weight, size, product count etc. CSL soortation systems and modules can handle totes/cartons/jiffy bags etc