Standard Sortation Conveyors

CSL have been providing handling solutions for many years that improve performance and throughput of materials with various and sensitive loads.

When it comes to designing a sortation system either as a straight line or in the form of a carousel, this normally involves merging and diverting products through the system to pre-determined destinations and to achieve this mechanically, various conveyor solutions can be incorporated, including:-

  • Diverters and Mergers
  • High Speed switch sorters
  • Chain Transfers & Pneumatic pushers
  • Intralox ARB/DARB 
  • Intralox Omni Directional sorter

CSL sortation systems can handle a wide range of products from CD’s, books, mail, polybags, cartons, cases and totes etc in varying sized foot prints. Product can be diverted off at 30°, 45° or 90° using a range of technologies to suit different applications. 

Various parameters of product identification prior to diverting can be employed such as:

  • Barcode reading
  • Product sizes
  • Count
  • RF tags
  • Colour
  • Weight, etc.