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Standard Sortation Conveyors

For most low volume sortation rates, of up to 3000 per hour, the use of wheel sorters is commonly employed. This design provides 1, 2 or 3 way sorts and can have multiple devices within a line to increase the number of sort destinations.  Powered roller and belt merges assist the on and offload from a sortation system. Our sortation systems can handle products such as Jiffy bags, polybags, parcels, large letter, tote bins and cartons, upto 80kg.

There are various designs for our wheel sorters and we also use right angled transfers as well as pusher arrangements for some of the lower capacity applications, the choice of which depends upon shape/size and weight of the products being handled.

All of our systems function with a WMS (bespoke or out of the box) and controlled via our WCS controls suite for a seemless integration.