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Ambaflex® Spiral Elevators

Whether your production facility or warehouse has access issues and/or storage located across multiple floor levels, which require products to be either raised or lowered vertically, CSL’s range of spiral conveyors are the ideal solution.  Proven technology, with a 100+ spirals installed, they are both a flexible and cost effective solution.

  • Slat widths 200mm-600mm   
  • Heights up to 20m/60ft and beyond
  • Small footprint saving valuable space (starting from 1240mm2)
  • Speeds upto 90m/minute
  • Twin lanes available      
  • Continual throughput
  • Suitable for irregular items as well as cartons, boxes, totes, bags etc.
  • Safe transit between multiple floors/ heights
  • Up to 50kg per metre
  • Fully reversible     

AmbaFlex Spiral conveyors provide a continuous throughput up to heights of 20m and higher, whilst also featuring the smallest footprint available, saving valuable floor space for an efficient system layout.  The shallow incline together with the high grip slats make the CSL spiral the perfect solution for the elevation of totes, cases, cartons, bags etc.

Spirals can be specified with single infeed and outfeed or multiple level induction and diversion bridges.   


Typical Spiral footprints

Model                  Belt Width      Footprint

SV-200-1000        200mm           1240mm²

SV-300-900          300mm           1240mm²

SV-400-1300        400mm           1740mm²

SV-400-1800        400mm           2240mm²

SV-500-1300        500mm           1840mm²

SV-600-1600        600mm            2240mm²

AmbaFlex Spiralveyor Models

SV- Series - Standard sized totes, cases, cartons, drums, bags etc

SVs- Series - Smaller sized cartons, bags etc

SVe- Series - Larger sized Cartons, containers, trays, bottlepacks, bags, crates,totes, luggage

Portal Series - Linking 2 spirals at high level to create access

ML Configuration - Multi-level induction and diverting


 Download Spiral Elevator Brochure Click Here