Vehicle Loading/Unloading Conveyors

Fixed, mobile or vehicle loading/Unloading conveyors are perfect for the rapid handling of loose load items which can vary from parcels, cartons, tote boxes, bags and even odd shaped items such as curtain poles.

The range comprises of:

Telescopic Boom Conveyors

Extending in to the back of trucks and trailers the telescopic conveyors enable rapid loading/unloading.

Dockless Trailer Loaders

The perfect solution for loading/unloading trailers, sea going containers etc from facilities without dock levelers or loading docks and which are normally mounted onto mobile chassis for use at multiple door locations.

Flexible Powered and Gravity Conveyors

Ruggedly constructed mobile powered roller, gravity expandable twin roller or skatewheel conveyors provide cost effective flexible conveying solutions for a variety of materials handling applications such as loose loading/unloading vehicles, warehouse and factory handling applications, plus linking of assembly and packaging machinery.